Frequently Asked Questions

What is your price range per person?

$18 - $22

Do you charge a service fee? If so, how much?

No, our prices are ALL inclusive! Yep, that's right one up front price for the quality & service excellence you expect from a reputable local company.

How far in advance should the sweets be ordered?

Minimum notice required is 2 weeks however, 6 – 12 months advance booking is preferable to save the date. Bookings are subject to availability.

How long before the wedding are the sweets prepared?

Usually one week before the wedding and the day of for maximum taste and freshness.

Do you freeze your sweets, and if so, does this change the taste?

No, we never freeze our confections or desserts.

What chocolate do you use?

We use Belgian chocolate, in milk, white and dark with no less than 60% cacoa. The chocolate is produced in the US and cultivation of beans abides to all Fair Trade regulations concerning non-exploitation of cocoa farmers and workers.

Will you design something custom, or are there a set number of designs to choose from

Customization is what we are all about! We match the decor and colors of our desserts and chocolates to your events theme and color scheme. All our dessert and confections are hand-crafted and while we have a large list of items from which to choose, we are always happy to prepare specially requested favorites. Will there be anything to return to you after the wedding? If so,how much time will I have to return them? Do you require a refundable deposit on any of these items? Relax no additional deposits & nothing to return later. But don't forget that big box of chocolates we've made up for the bride & groom to enjoy at their leisure.